Wow, how time flies. It seems like we brought Megan home from the hospital just yesterday and now we're celebrating her first birthday! Mom, Dad, Tim, Grandma, Beth, and Matt drove in to spend the weekend with us. We were able to pack a lot in: a big Polish dinner, driving up to Fayetteville, TN for The Host of Christmas Past festival, and of course, throwing a party for Megan.

Care to post a comment about these photos? Here's the trace-back to the blog post.

The invites Val designed came out great.
Our house
Front porch
Mom mashing potatoes for our Polish dinner
"How you doin'?"
Cousin Beth and her fiancé, Matt, visited from Atlanta.
No, we didn't coordinate this to be "Michigan Sports Day".
"Hey, I know you!"
Andy surprised me with a visit back in September.
Andy surprised me with a visit back in September.
Tim, Nana, Megan, Busia, and Papa
Megan and Busia
Megan and Uncle Tim
Megan and Papa
Nana, Megan, and Papa
As a member of the Madison Community Band, I had to get dressed up in this waiter garb to perform in the Host of Christmas Past celebration in Fayetteville, TN.
Host of Christmas Past
The town square in Fayetteville, TN
The town square in Fayetteville, TN
The sax section
When Good Muppets Go Bad
Listening to the Christmas music
Dennis Boggs plays an amazing Abe Lincoln (http://www.meetmrlincoln.com/).
Just before snapping this photo, Abe Lincoln/Dennis Boggs said to Grandma, "Hey, watch where you're putting your hand!"
Megan loves to swing.
Papa playing with Megan
Tim and I decorated for Megan's first birthday party
The Kitchen
Megan was thrilled with her balloons.
Megan was thrilled with her balloons.
Val made these pumpkin cookies from scratch and then forgot to bring them out for the party until the very end.
Auntie Kristin playing with Megan and the Build-A-Bear that Beth made for Megan.
All dressed up with somewhere to go...
Oooh, presents!
Uncle Tim feeding Megan Cheerios
"When I grow up, I'm going to be big and strong, just like my Uncle Timmy."
Balloon Girl
Val's friend, Christy, made this beautiful cake for Megan.
Cake time!
We've avoided giving her sweets, so the frosting was a bit of a shock to her palate.
She didn't know quite what to do with the cake.
She kept making funny faces as if she was sucking on a lemon.
"Hey, this cake stuff isn't so bad!"
Based on the recommendation of Grandpa McCoy, Val shoved a piece of cake in Megan's face.
"Why, Mommy, why?"
Megan and Jessica
Grandma, Jill, and Nick
The aftermath
We're lucky that Megan is such a good eater.
Going for a ride in her new wagon
Going for a ride in her new wagon
Megan points to the sky when she hears an airplane.  One was flying overhead when this photo was shot.
Megan and Mommy enjoying the fire


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