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Roi-Namur is the northern-most island in the atoll. A twin-prop plane makes a couple of daily trips between Kwajalein and Roi and if seats are available, you can fly for free. Many people from "Kwaj" head up there for a day or two of relaxation; not only for the secluded beaches but also for the 10+ channels of cable TV (compared to the 5 offered on Kwajalein).

A close-up view of the island. The brownish-orange area around the runway is the rainfall catchment basin, used to collect fresh water, that is then purified into drinking water. Kwajalein Island utilizes a similar system.

One of the many Japanese battlements from World War II found on the island.

Roi-Namur is also the location of missile tracking equipment, including the ALTAIR (ARPA (Advanced Research Project Agency) Long-Range Tracking and Instrumentation Radar).



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